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starring Adelmo Guidarelli

featuring Miss Ruby Laurance & Seth Weinstein

written & directed by Michael MacKenzie Wills

“An elegant evening of irony and arias!”

OPERATION OPERA delights audiences with virtuoso operatic singing and paralyzes them with laughter while taking them on an inspiring journey into a world of music and comedy that New York critics compared to Victor Borge.

OPERATION OPERA’s distinctive blend of vintage madness weaves well-known opera arias and their pop culture counterparts into musical gold. Its Music Hall style allows it to encompass everything from a night at the opera to a day with Bugs Bunny on the Warner Brothers lot.

With an irreverent attitude towards the pomposity of opera, OPERATION OPERA shows audiences that we are surrounded by opera every day and gently reminds us that opera can be fun and enjoyed by all. “A hilarious tour-de-opera!”




starring Adelmo Guidarelli

featuring Miss Ruby Laurance & Seth Weinstein

written & directed by Michael MacKenzie Wills

ADELMO GUIDARELLI – works the same magic he normally reserves for operatic arias on Christmas carols and hymns in this spectacular holiday version of OPERATION OPERA.

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Acclaimed operatic baritone, Adelmo Guidarelli, bestows his captivating talents on two song cycles of colorful epic verse. The first segment of the program consists of Robert Schumann's exquisite Liederkreis Op. 39, his songs based on the romantic poetry of German author Joseph von Eichendorff. The second half of this aural journey is a selection of art songs based on the vibrant poetry of Rudyard Kipling, which includes the unforgettable The Road To Mandalay.


with award-winning author

Amber L. Spradlin

featuring the Thumperino Superbunny book series

Author/Publisher Amber L. Spradlin brings Thumperino Superbunny to life in this action packed reading filled with characters and scenes that jump from the page. The award winning books chronicle the adventures of a house rabbit blessed with super-powers and a duty to make the world a better place.

OPERATION OPERA is now available with ORCHESTRA!

Orchestral Arrangements by Michael D. Gaylord